The Girls
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Our Parti-Girls Win Big at the CFA International Show, Atlanta, GA - BEST PARTICOLOR PERSIAN - in both Championship and Premiership
Shown Above:
GC GP BW RW Wiccacats AyRhianna Gaile
CH WiccaCats Cyndareilla Brite
WiccaCats Myriyah Lynne - BEST ALLBREED CHAMPION - first 3 rings as a champion!
Three Generations of Winners
(L-R) Krystalle (grandmother / national winner)
Kayli (Messciena daughter) - National Best Dilute Calico 2011
Messciena (Krystalle daughter - Best Dilute Calico 2008 & One Show Grand- Houston, TX 2008
(Krystalle x Simba)
GC - Karyianna Lynne
(Krystalle granddaughter)
BellaDonna x Simba

Most of our pedigrees are available online at (thanks to their fantastic work!)

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"Kayli" - our 2011 Show Season Winner
Messciena and Krys2fur's Daughter
WiccaCats Thomasynna Lynne - dillute calico (Kary daughter)
In Memorium -

We tragically lost BellaDonna (Krystalle's daughter) last year.  She didn't care for showing but made championship finals the one time she was shown. She was pregnant and contracted what seemed a simple upper respiratory. She refused to eat for several days and no amount of treatment could save her...  I was heartbroken, as she had raised Kayli for Messciena, and was a wonderful mother.  We hope to continue to honor her memory with award winning dilute calicos...

We bury our special lost kittens with her in our garden.  I know she loves them all!