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BEST CAT - Across the Board

Thank you - Kenny Currle, Donna Jean Thompson, Annette Wilson, Kathy Black and Diana Doermberg -
for making me believe!!!
Kenny Currle & Krystalle share a special moment at Siamese Breeders Alliance - Lebanon, PA
Kathy Black and Krystalle at Lebanon, PA
Annette Wilson & Krystalle
Diamond State Cat Club - Newark, DE - FOUR BEST CATS - Thank you Kenny Currle, Donna Jean Thompson, Wayne Trevathan, and Donna Davis
Norma Placchi, me and Krystalle - BEST CAT
Kim Everett-Hirsch makes Krystalle BEST CAT!
Norma Placchi presents us with the Highest Scoring Premier Award from the Ft. Sumter Cat
Club, in Charleston, South Carolina.
Doug Myers & Krystalle
Darrell Newkirk makes Krystalle BEST CAT at Garden State Cat Club!
Donna Davis makes Krystalle Best Cat!
The Very Last Final at Garden State - Kim E-H makes Krystalle BEST CAT!
Gene Darrah & Krystalle - Best Cat
"This cat will be really nice when she gets coat..."  Gene D
Lynn & Krystalle - Best Cat!!
Rhett & Krystalle - Best Cat!!
Barbara Sumner & Krystalle - Best Cat -second week in a row!!
"I wish I could do more - but BEST CAT is the most that I can give her...."
                      Iris Tanner

Thank you Iris - We LOVE YOU!!
"She has been my best cat many many  times --she is perfection.....once again, always, my best cat!"   Kenny Currle, Hudson MA -           

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"She has a flaw-less head structure.....every time I've seen her I've made her Best Cat...and this is no different!"  Kenny Currle, Houston, 2007
Thank you Kenny - AGAIN - we couldn't do this without you!!!  We love you!!
"I love her.....and she knows it!"  Kenny Currle
            (She loves you too, Kenny!!)
Special Thanks to Bob Goltzer (here with Krystalle)