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Presenting....Our Very First National
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Grand Champion Grand Premier NATONAL WINNER WiccaCats Krystalle Lynne
            4th Best Cat
NATIONAL - Best of Breed (Premiership)
The Nation's Best Dilute Calico Persian (2nd Year in a Row!)
Krystalle's Amazing Stats:

Total Points Accumulated: 5,147.50

In Our Top 100 Rings - 55 Best Cats

Top 100 Rings - 98 were Best - Fifth Place

Total Best Cat Placements - 97

Krystalle held the #1 Spot in the Nation from May until mid January - over 9.5 months.

Had accumulated over 4,000 points by August 14th, 2006

More WiccaCats Winners:

Grand Champion WiccaCats Angelica Lynne
(The Southern Region's Best Calico Persian - 2004-2005

Grand Champion WiccaCats AyRhianna Gaile
Best of Breed - CFA Southern Region (2006)
NATIONAL 3rd Best of Breed - 2006
National 2nd Best Tortoiseshell Persian

Grand Champion WiccaCats Cotton Candy of Lark Hill
Best of Breed - CFA NW Region (2005)

GC RW Lark Hill's Grand Slam (Candy's Son)

“You know, cats are remembered not by their placement - but by the fact that they are grands, or DM’s, or regional winners or National Winners.  That’s what their pedigrees say, and that’s what they are.  1st or 25th.   But sometimes there is a cat that just STANDS OUT - apart from all the rest - that you KNOW you will remember forever - one that 20 years from now the judges will remember and talk about ‘for the record’.   Her dilute calico is one of those cats!  She is exquisitely beautiful, there aren’t even words.....  And the love and devotion that we have seen between them is what I wish we saw with every cat.  I’m honored that I had the chance to show beside you—you are an asset to CFA - and have given us another one of those cats that will always be remembered.....”

A Southern Region Exhibitor
(From Krystalle & I - thank you from the bottom of our hearts!)